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Classic Massage


Anti-cellulite Massage


Classic massage (or "Swedish") is certainly one of the most complete massages.


Rich of a very varied range of movements, it allows to adapt and respond to the most diverse situations.

It is practiced for a therapeutic or well-being purpose.




Anti-cellulite massage is applied to relocate the fat masses, homogenize the tissues and firm the skin.


The results are generally remarkable.


Nevertheless, to be truly effective, several anti-cellulite massage sessions are necessary.




Classic Massages

1 hour                 ________  120 chf


Anti-Cellulite Massage

1 hour                 ________  120 chf



Corporate On-site Chair Massage 


Seated massage is performed dressed, on a specially designed chair.


Seated massage helps relieve the pain and eliminate very effectively muscle tension and the effects of stress.


More and more companies are now concerned to offer their employees solutions to maintain their well-being and health.


As such, seated massage is perfectly adapted: by its simplicity and flexibility, it adapts very well to professional constraints (a session on chair lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and only an ergonomic chair is necessary).


Seated Massage

to be discussed according to the specificity of the request

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